Call for evaluation letters for Professors Joron, Tigay.

The Creative Writing Department’s Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee invites letters from students and faculty, evaluating faculty being reviewed for retention or tenure and promotion.

Andrew Joron is up for fourth year review for fifth year retention; deadline for letters is Friday, October 13, 2017.

Chanan Tigay is up for sixth year review for tenure and promotion to associate professor; deadline for letters is Friday, September 22, 2017.

If you can write letters for any of these candidates, students, please describe and all of your experiences with the candidate as an instructor, an advisor and/or mentor; faculty, please describe any and all of your experiences with the candidate as a colleague, an instructor, an author, etc.

Please submit your dated and signed letters, via email attachment, attention Paul Hoover, Professor and Acting Chair of the Creative Writing Department. Letters must be dated and signed to be included in the candidate’s file. The deadlines are as listed in the table above, but the sooner you submit them, the more helpful it will be for both the candidate and committee members writing his or her letter. Please note that per SFSU policy, candidates for retention, tenure and promotion will have access to all letters submitted.