B.A. in English: Creative Writing

The 42 unit B.A. balances 27 semester hours of writing courses with 15 semester hours of literature courses designed to increase the student's depth and breadth of knowledge. The required 9 semester hours of Creative Process classes can be chosen from topics such as: Personal Narrative, American Poetics, Contemporary World Poetry, Style in Fiction, The Short-Short Story, and Plays: Reading and Viewing. Also required is a course chosen from one of two areas: "Theory and Language" or "Writing from the American Experience," which includes a selection of courses from the departments of English, Ethnic Studies, and Women Studies.

Advising Worksheet (PDF)

If you are reviewing your Degree Progress Report, and the courses taken do not reflect in their cooresponding areas, please disregard the DPR if the course is listed on the advising worksheet linked above. Those courses still fulfill the requirement listed in the advising worksheet, regardless of it not appearing in the DPR. Please email Katherine Kwid at kkwid@sfsu.edu if you have any questions.