B.A. in Creative Writing

Our New B.A. in Creative Writing path is being offered to students who enroll beginning in Fall 2021 and beyond. To review the previous degree, please take a look at the B.A. in English; Creative Writing page. To review the degree requirements, and roadmap options, please visit our academic bulletin.

Advising Worksheet (PDF)

If you open this form with Adobe, the last page is editable for your convenience! Preview windows in your browser may not provide this. As an enrolled student at SFSU, you can download Adobe creative cloud on your personal laptop or computer by following the directions here;https://its.sfsu.edu/service/adobecreativecloudcc. Microsoft office is also available to students;https://its.sfsu.edu/service/office365students.6. Please be aware that documents created with the software may become unavailable once you have graduated and are no longer an active student. It is recommended to save them in a different file format, or to save them in a different program such as Google Docs.

If you are reviewing your Degree Progress Report, and the courses taken do not reflect in their cooresponding areas, please email Katherine Kwid at kkwid@sfsu.edu to look into getting that updated.