Creative Writing Remote Instruction Contact Information

Greetings Creative Writers! 

Please feel free to reach out to our department at or Katherine Kwid at for general inquiries. Instructor contact information can be found below.


Name Email Genre
Michelle Carter Playwriting
Nona Caspers Fiction
May-lee Chai Fiction
Maxine Chernoff Fiction, Literary Translation, Poetry
Carolina De Robertis Fiction, Literary Translation
Paul Hoover Literary Translation, Poetry
Andrew Joron Fiction, Literary Translation, Poetry
Michael David Lukas Fiction
Chanan Tigay Creative Non-fiction, Fiction
B.A. students: Application for Award of Baccalaureate Degree review and signatures available from all of the above professors.


Name Email Courses/Duties (as applicable)
Kim Airola-Kinnaman C W 101.03
Dodie Bellamy

C W 640.01 &    C W 840.01

Matthew Davison

B.A. Advising,    C W 101.03, C W 603.01, C W 609.07/809.07, C W 860.01

Donna De La  Perrière C W 601.01, C W 810.01
Steve Dickison C W 302.01, C W 550.01, C W 850.01
Antony Fangary C W 101.02
Anne Galjour

C W 513GW.01, C W 602.01, C W 609, C W 809, 882.01

Christina Ortega Gardner C W 101.05
Heather Gibbons C W 302.02, C W 506.01, C W 604.01, C W 806.01
Nik Greene C W 101.02
Steven Kennedy C W 512GW
Sabina Khan-Ibarra C W 101.01
Junse Kim C W 603.01, C W 609.07, CW 809.07, C W 880.03
Ali Littman

C W 101.01

Livingston Miller C W 301
Barbara Tomash C W 881.01
Truong Tran  
Lily Zucker C W 301.2


Name Email Duties
Creative Writing Department General Inquiries, Paperwork Processing 
Fourteen Hills Literary Magazine Literary Magazine
Jane George Fiscal, Class Scheduling, Faculty assistance
Katherine Kwid

Front Office, Reception, Website, Student Petitions/Forms

Poetry Center RSO, Poetry Readings, Archives
Transfer Magazine Literary Magazine