How to Complete both an M.A. and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing at SF State

Want to Complete both an M.A. and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing? You can use up to 24 units of M.A. coursework towards our M.F.A. Completing both programs can be done with as little as one additional class and the additional thesis (6 units total)! Here’s how!

For M.F.A. students:

 To complete the M.A. degree during your M.F.A. career, you must take the following steps;                           

1.    See an academic advisor. 

2.      Turn in a change of graduate program major form between the 6th week of enrollment in the M.F.A., and the semester before enrollment in your M.A. thesis course.

  • Change of Masters Degree form (pdf). For the program codes, please use CWXXNONEMF for the M.F.A. and CWXXNONEMA for the M.A..
  • Please keep in mind that Financail Aid only covers up to 125% of any degree! Please make sure to complete the coursework for the M.A. and move into the M.A. from the M.F.A. before you max out on units for funding your MA at 37.5 units. If you make the switch after you have completed 37.5 units, the degree will not be funded by financial aid. Switching by the semester that you will complete 28 units assure you have engough units for full time status (9 units) to qualify for full time tuition assistance from fiancial aid. It is recommend to track your progress using the M.A. adivising worksheet.

If you are switching to the M.A. program the semester before enrollment in your M.A. thesis, you will also need to turn in an ATC form and a PCE form.

             ATC form

PCE form

3.       Follow the steps to graduation to complete your M.A. degree.

4.       Once you have applied to graduate from our M.A. program, contact Katherine Kwid,, for an Express Readmission form to be readmitted to the M.F.A. program the semester following your M.A. completion.

For M.A. students:

To be admitted to the M.F.A. after you complete your M.A. degree, or if you are choosing not to complete your M.A. and moving into the M.F.A. program, you must apply to the M.F.A. program. There are no guarantees of admission to the M.F.A. from our M.A. You should not apply through the Cal State Apply portal. Please submit the following items to Katherine Kwid,, for distribution to the application review committee.

  1. Statement of purpose, briefly write (500 words) why you wish to study at the graduate level, what led you to choose creative writing, your experience writing and reading, etc.

  2. One manuscript in one of the following genres: creative nonfiction or fiction: 15-20 pages double-spaced, single-sided pages (either one or more stories, or 15-20 pages of a longer work); 15 poems;  1 play: either a finished play of any length, or 20-25 pages of dramatic writing (theater plays only! No Film scripts, no radio plays, nor television plays; they will not be considered); 10 pages of literary translation into English, accompanied by 10 pages of the literature in the original language. Manuscripts must be legibly typed to be considered.

  3. Two letters of recommendation, preferably from an academic reference, such as a former instructor, tutor, or someone who can speak of your writing skills from a position of knowledge.

  4. One unofficial transcripts

If you are offered a seat in the M.F.A., the offer of admission will have a change of graduate program form included which will move you to the M.F.A. officially.