Submitting your ATC and PCE Forms

If you are planning on enrolling in your thesis next semester, please review the folloing information.

There are two forms due the semester before enrollment in your thesis course. These are the Advancement To Candidacy (ATC) form, and the Petition for Culminating Experience (PCE) form, and can be found in step two and three of the Steps to Graduation guidelines; These forms are due November 1st for the following Spring Thesis enrollment, or April 1st for Fall Thesis enrollment. There’s a helpful deadline calendar for all things graduation linked on this page;


Petition for Culminating Experience (PCE)

  • ·       From the drop-down menu, please select 893 Written Creative Work to generate the appropriate petition;
  • ·       The Petition for Culminating Experience proposes your thesis. The description needs to be at least 40 words, and we recommend keeping it vague if you think your thesis has the potential to change. The timeline asked for is a general guideline, and not one you will be held to. Your thesis chairperson can help you come up with these dates, and they are generally listed as reviewing sections of the thesis; first 4 chapters, first two acts, x number of poems, and so on.
  • ·       Your thesis chairperson should be a tenured professor of your choosing. Please reach out to the professor to request that they be your thesis chairperson before the petition is submitted. Each professor has a limited number of thesis spots avaialbe, and permission is required. The tenured faculty are listed at the top of the remote contact page under faculty academic advisors; Office and Advising Information | Department of Creative Writing ( You will also need a second reader, who is an informal position on your thesis committee. The second reader only signs the paperwork, and will not be working with you on your thesis. Please reach out to a tenure track professor to be the second reader. The only reason I’ve seen someone say no to this informal position is when they will be on leave the semester the thesis is completed. Once a first and second reader have agreed to work with you, please follow directions on this page to upload your 893 paperwork for processing and signatures; Proposal for Culminating Experience (PCE) | Division of Graduate Studies (

Advancement To Candidacy (ATC)

  • ·       For the ATC form, you will need to list the courses you are using to fulfill the degree requirement. You can determine which courses should be listed by filling out an advising worksheet for your degree, which can be found on our website; The courses listed on the ATC form will be the same ones you would use to complete the worksheet.
  • ·       The class schedule for the Spring is not yet available, so we ask you to guess which course you would like to use to complete your requirements if you have more than just the thesis course to complete. If the course you guess will be offered does not end up being offered next semester, you would then find an appropriate course to enroll in and submit an ATC substitution form to amend the course list;
  • ·       If you are using any coursework towards your degree, as approved by your faculty advisor, you will need to fill out an ATC substitution which you can do by following these procedures; DocuSign.
  • ·       Your graduate advisor should be a tenured professor of your choosing, and this signature is usually given by your thesis chairperson. We do not assign advisors, rather encourage you to reach out to a faculty member you would like to work with in your genre. Tenure track faculty are on the top of the office hours page;, or anyone with professor in their title on the people page;, with the exception of Tonya Foster who will not yet be reading thesis until Fall 2022.
  • ·       Once you have the form completed, follow the submission guidelines for processing and approval available here; Advancement to Candidacy Substitution Submission | Division of Graduate Studies (

Please note that completion of these forms does not automatically enroll you in your C W 893 Thesis coruse. Please request a class number and a permit number from your thesis chairperson when registration begins for the semester of your thesis enrollment.

You can find examples of the petitions below.