Creative Writing lecturer’s debut novel makes him realize how far he has come in life

Author: SF State
November 22, 2021

The “Otherppl” podcast featured Creative Writing Lecturer Matthew Clark Davison on its Nov. 3 episode, in conversation with author Brad Listi. They discussed Davison’s journey from teen runaway to teacher to author.

Davison’s debut novel, “Doubting Thomas” (Amble Press, 2021), follows the life of an out fourth-grade teacher after he’s falsely accused of touching a student and forced to leave his job. “It’s about community. It’s about family. It’s about how the present day can make you resee your past and the opportunities that they may give us to imagine a different future,” said Davison, also a graduate of the Creative Writing Department. “... At heart, I was seeing how far I’d come away from the pain of my early life.”