Summer Course Offerings in Creative Writing

Author: Department of Creative Writing
April 13, 2021

Creative Writing will be offering the following courses this Summer 2021 semester. Schedule and course descriptions are available below.

Course Offering
Course Day/Time Instructor
C W 101.01 Online Asynchronous Samantha Baker
C W 101.02 Online Asynchronous

Gary Engle           

C W 512GW.01 Online Asynchronous Jenny Lyons      


C W 101 Introduction to Creative Writing (Units: 3)

The creative writing process. Exercises in writing poetry, fiction, and dramatic scripts. Selected readings of exemplary stories, poems, and plays. Open to all students.

Course Attributes:

  • E1 LLD Pre-Fall 2019
  • C1: Arts


C W 512GW Craft of Fiction - GWAR (Units: 3)


Prerequisites: Restricted to Creative Writing majors; GE Area A2; C W 301 or equivalent.

Focus on basic craft elements of fiction: plot, dialogue, character, point of view, and place. Discussion of student and professional writing. (ABC/NC only)


Course Attributes:

  • Graduation Writing Assessment