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B.A. Students: A Note About the Degree Progress Report

The Creative Writing Department Degree Progress Report has some problems tracking some of our courses. If a course you have completed is not showing up as complete in the cooresponding section in your Degree Progress Report, please do not be concerned. You are all set to use that course towards graduation if it is listed on our B.A. advising worksheet below.

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Creative Writing Advising Forms

Available For Advising for all C W - B.A., M.A. and M.F.A. majors (unless otherwise noted).

B.A. Advising form (pdf)
Please print out and fill in your required form, provided below, listing classes you have completed. Be sure to bring this form with you, and a printout of your current unofficial transcripts, whenever you see an adviser, for evaluation of your progress in your degree requirements or, for B.A. students, when you're applying for award of baccalaureate degree.

Faculty Advisors hold weekly walk-in office hours. You can find their hours for the current semester on our Office Hours page.

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