Minor in Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Department is now offering a Minor in Creative Writing! 

Please review the requirements for the Minor in our Academic Bulletin, or review our academic advising worksheet! 

The minor in Creative Writing provides students with a chance to pursue their passion for creative writing while engaging with a wide range of texts, ideas and cultural works. In Creative Writing classes, students work with an active, publishing faculty. They learn by vigorous practice; by focused studies of craft; and by extensive reading, analysis and discussion of their work, as well as that of published authors.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Creative Work: Students will produce a written creative work demonstrating growth as writers.
  2. Literature: Students will read, discuss and analyze the work of a broad range of writers from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds and explain how literature in general, and their own genre in particular, relates to the larger human experience.
  3. Craft Elements: Students will write and revise creative nonfiction, fiction, plays and/or poetry using the elements of craft to embody their individual and universal visions as well as analyze and discuss craft elements in their peers’ work.

Minor in Creative Writing (pdf)