Congratulations to our Fall 2021 Scholarship Winners!

Author: Department of Creative Writing
December 8, 2021

Creative Writing would like to congratulate our Fall 2021 scholarship winners! 

Clark-Gross Award in the Novel

Congratulations to winner Maury Zeff!

"Off Mahatma Gandhi Roadis a wonderfully-paced narrative with a likeable and complex central character. The dialogue and establishment of setting are particular strengths of this book, and the reader feels immersed in the world by its vivid and purposeful details. Well done!"

Daniel Langton Poetry Prize

Congratulations to winner Michael Gallagher for their submission! 

"Good, gritty lyricism."

Elizabeth June Madden-Zibman Creative Writing Endowed Scholarship

Congratulations to winner Quinn Fairchild! 

J.M. Highsmith Drama Award

Congratulations to winner Edward Gunawan!

"Edward Gunawan'sComrades raises a lot of juicy questions: about masculinity and its performance, about American-ness and Chinese-ness, about love and the nature of home. The protagonist pushes against the limits imposed on him by countries and cultures, dreaming aloud about the romance he wants to have. And even though it's easy to understand the fears of the more pragmatic characters in the play, the desire for something more is irresistible. Gunawan's storytelling challenges binary thinking and shines a spotlight on the lived experiences of queer men at the intersection of Chinese and American identities."

Kathryn A. Manoogian Scholarship in Creative Writing

Congratulations to winners Karla Myn Khine & Glenn Wohltmann!

Honorable Mention: Hailey Johnson

Marcus 2nd Year Graduate Scholarship

Congratulations to winners Charles Byrne & Cyril Sebastian!

Runners up Tiffany Moya & Hasti Jafari Jozani

Wilner Award in Short Fiction

Congratulations to winner, Nancy Taylor!

"The story demonstrates instinctive control over the whole narrative and the micro stories within. There is so much delight in examining the petty, cruel and shameful nature of people from kids to adults. The characters are allowed to revel in their trauma and triumphs as so many of them are juggled masterfully, and omg it's funny."